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About Us

We are a German-Australian-Spanish-Filipino tour company. Our team members as of now are:

John Rueth, founder of Kapwa TravelJohn S. Rueth who has mainly lived in Munich, Melbourne and in the Visayas during the past years. He has travelled the Philippines many times from North to South and West to East and has been mainly based in the Central Visayas since March 2013. Together with Siegfried and Mel, he has written a travel guide in German language which can be bought on Amazon.

He is also the CEO of Philippinen Tours, a German tour company that started as a blog in 2009. Nowadays, Philippinen Tours is a leading tour operator that offers individualised trips on all major islands of the country. You can find John also on LinkedIn and send a direct e-mail to him via john.s.rueth[at]gmail.com.

Bea was born in the Philippines and with her family, migrated to Australia in her teens, so she likes to think of herself as somewhat of an expert on beautiful beaches. She has travelled the world extensively but keeps returning to the nation of 7,107 islands (or 7,641 dependent on whoever you believe) as there is always much more to explore.

She is a fan of the underwater world – an avid scuba diver, experienced snorkeller and novice surfer. She loves traditional Filipino food and of course the warm-hearted islanders. She speaks English, Spanish and Tagalog and is currently working to improve her German language skills but fears that life is too short for this.

Melvin Rueth loves Eastern Mindanao and other remote places like Mount Malindang.

Kapwa Travel ha collaboratori di molte nazionalita’….anche italiani!

Giuseppe a Kalangaman Island, Filippine

Giuseppe a Kalangaman Island, Filippine

Giuseppe e` nato in Italia senza averne colpa, dove ha vissuto parecchi anni, ha sempre amato viaggiare e, per lavoro o per piacere, ha avuto la fortuna di visitare davvero tanti posti.

In alcuni di questi ha potuto fermarsi a vivere per un po’, cosi` da conoscere davvero non solo i luoghi, ma le culture, gli usi ed i costumi dei mondi diversi da quello di nascita.

Subacqueo, Apneista e Resque Diver, ha visitato ed apprezzato il Mediterraneo, l’Atlantico, il Pacifico, l’Oceano Indiano, il Mar Rosso ed il Golfo Arabico, oggi vive e gioisce delle sue passioni e della famiglia in Filippine.

Non esitate a contattarmi per parlare del vostro prossimo viaggio in Filippine.

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