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We are a Philippine tour operator with a genuine love for the country

and a desire to share it with our guests.




Our aim is to draw upon our many years of combined experience and local knowledge to create unforgettable tours tailor-made for the traveller.

Our team consists of passionate adventurers who, together and individually, have travelled the Philippines countless times over decades. Our shared Filipino roots is what brought us here. Its landscapes, people and culture is why we keep returning, each time with more friends and ever expanding itineraries.

We are happy to create an unforgettable tour of the Philippines for you.
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What You Can Expect From Us as Your Tour Operator


With the number of booking platforms out there and the amount of information available it’s easy enough to get online, book a trip and take off on your own. So we are always grateful when customers entrust us with planning their tours to make the most of their hard earned vacation time and money.

We are fortunate to have guests with a genuine curiosity and interest in knowing more about this special part of the world, and we are happy to share the experiences. Typically our tours combine some cultural activity, a bit of adventure and sightseeing with relaxation at a beach resort. But our tours are as individual as you are.

When we get an understanding of your preferences, time and budget, we discuss amongst our team the best options and ways to make your trip happen. We then design an individualised plan for you.

Once you are on your holiday, you can rest assured that all is taken care of and that you can reach us at any time should you have queries, or if any unforeseen circumstances occur.

We have well established relationships with our partner resorts, tour guides and drivers and are always working on making our guests’ experiences the best they can be.

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Food of the Philippines

It may not be the most well-known of cuisines and it does not yet have the universal appeal of say, Japanese, Chinese or Thai, but Filipino food is slowly inching its way into international consciousness. Filipino food is eclectic. It is an obvious mix of many...

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What to Bring on your Trip to the Philippines

  Apart from the necessary, obvious items that you would bring on any trip (travel documents, passport, money etc), here are some tips and suggestions on what you might want to pack specifically for your holiday to the Philippines. Keep in mind that most of these...

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The best Philippine beaches – our top 10 list

With more than 7600 islands, the Philippines have to offer many beautiful beaches. This is our current top 10 list:D Dumaluan Beach, Panglao: Some of our favourite resorts are located on Panglao Island like the Linaw Beach Resort and the South Palms Resort along the...

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Dinagat Islands, Mindanao. Ready to be discovered.

Dinagat Islands is not yet known to most travellers as a tourist destination. And the Filipinos who have heard of it, often associate it with the mining industry as well as stories of a mysterious religious sect and its fugitive leader. But there is so much more to...

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