Coco Grove Beach Resort, Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island is one of the hidden paradises in the Philippines

The mystical Siquijor Island is just a short ferry-ride away from the famous university town of Dumaguete. Nevertheless, it still counts towards the more exotic destinations in the Visayas. What is so special about Siquijor?

Siquijor Island, Philippines

What is the voodoo charm of Siquijor Island?

Locals still tend to avoid the island, since scary creatures like the “Sigbin”, and all sorts of other local monsters and ghosts are said to live here. Those who visit the Silliman University Museum in Dumaguete City, for example, will find Voodoo dolls which have been used until recently on the so-called Voodoo Island Siquijor.

This island paradise is also known for its rich flora and fauna. We could learn from a local natural healer about botanists from all over the world travelling to Siquijor. Moreover, naturalists and medics try to find new substances and explore the old traditional healing arts.

Beaches around Siquijor Island

siquijor island, Philippines
There are surprisingly many white sand beaches on the island, which is not always the case in this region of the Philippines. One of our favourite beaches can be found in front of the beautiful Coco Grove Beach Resort, namely the “Tubod Beach”.

Other famous and rather untouched beaches are the Salagdoong Beach and the Paliton Beach. All of them can be easily reached on a day-trip from your resort of your choice.

Siquijor Island, Siquijor resort, Philippines

Accommodation & Bars on Siquijor Island

We have visited Siquijor already dozens of times. One of our main partners on the beautiful island is the Coco Grove Beach Resort. Hence, we often times book their cottages for our guests. Even though the resort has been extended quite significantly in the past years, it still has kept a good part of its original charme.

Other good choices on Siquijor Island are the Infinity Heights or the Royal Cliff. We particularly recommend the U-Story which serves a modern fusion of French and Philippine cuisine and has been designed in a Balinese style. However, the U-Story is usually not open throughout the whole year and closed for a few months during rainy season.

In 2017, it will open again on November 15 according to their website

U-Story, Siqujor Island

U-Story is one of our favourite places on Siquijor Island.

Just a few yards away from Coco Grove, former employees have opened a lovely restaurant, where adventurers can find very delicious barbeque, grilled fish and, of course, really good cocktails – here is the address:

Checkesh Bar & BB-Q
Giovani’s Planet
Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor,
Tel: +63 (0) 999-3667176.

Probably the best cocktails you will find at Baha Bar, though.

Island round trip on Siquijor Island

In addition to some larger caves such as the Cantabon Cave and a few waterfalls, the island also offers good diving and snorkeling possibilities. If you decide to stay longer, it is recommended to go on an island tour.

Such a tour could be done on a motorbike but we can also organize a “multicab” or even a van for you, including a local guide. For the very sporty, of course, there is also the option to rent a bicycle. Make sure to the Tryad Coffee which offers great views of the island.

Siquijor Island, Philippines

A very nice view of Siquijor Island from the Tryad Coffee.

Siquijor Island, Philippines

The interior of the island is very attractive with its magnificent trees. There are also some secret coves, which invite you to undisturbed bathing and provide a backdrop for great photos.

There are quite a few endemic species and plants on Siquijor. This might explain why the tradition of natural healing is wide-spread in this exotic paradise. On top of that, there are many organic farms that provide delicious and healthy produce.

Siquijor Island, Philippines

This secret cove with beautiful white sand beach we discovered in March 2013 on Siquijor Island

The island of Siquijor has much to offer and is best suited for a relaxing and varied stay. You can easily spend 5-7 days here without getting bored.

Siquijor Island, Philippines

An excursion to Apo Island is also recommended – especially if you are interested in snorkeling or diving a unique underwater world.

On Siquijor Island you can also go to local natural healers as well as treks in the middle of the jungle. If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail to or fill out this form, and we will design an individual tour for you, including the “isla del fuego”.

How to get there: There are ferries going to the island from Dumaguete City, Tagbilaran (Bohol), and from Plaridel (Misamis Occidental, Mindanao). We can also charter an airplane for you at a reasonable price. We recommend to combine a trip to Siquijor with either a stay in Bohol, Dumaguete or Moalboal.